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Design Build project is  when the traditional “bid” step of design-bid-build format is circumvented by entrusting the task a subcontractor to design and build the project. Depending on the circumstances, the cost incurred by hiring an architect or additional engineer is eliminated alongside the middle man. 

A professional commercial or industrial fence contractor that has proven experience with design build, will be able to both design and price your enclosure solution based on specifications.

As a side note, smaller more intimate level, almost all residential customers can be considered the "owner" and the subcontractor designs and builds the fence based their needs.


Buyers & Builders

For example, VDOT and military specifications are exceptionally strict.
The fence company involved should have a working knowledge of how the requirements affect the job. Design–build places the responsibility for design errors and omissions on the design–builder, relieving the owner of legal and managerial responsibilities. The burden for these costs and associated risks are transferred to the design–build team.

ASTM specifications play a very large part these types of projects because very rarely is the specification drawn out on the plans. They often require a vast array of specifications that its typically in the best interest of the property construction team to hire a professional.

This simplifies the work of the buyer and streamlines the construction process.

Often, commercial construction managers and the property owner, will collaborate in order to organize the needs of the customer by fielding the information to selected design/build subcontractors.

This is especially true when the fence job must involve several trades to work together. Without the right experience and resources, a new fence company might miss specifications and codes needed for that particular job.

Depending on whether the project is commercial, military, or federal, the requirements can vary greatly and affect cost structure.

Above is Pitt Field at University of Richmond. This projects required several additional designs including windscreen, an upgrade to industrial aluminum fencing and galvanized chain link fence that meets athletic field specs.

Accounting for Accountability

By relieving the buyer or property owner of the building responsibility, an experienced design build team allows greater productivity with fewer costs. It gives the builder teams the ability to install their work using their knowledge and resources. As a result, the quality of work of the project will improve.

While the buyer is still responsible for communicating his or her needs and desires with the project, the builder must be highly competent to understand appropriate requirements and restrictions. By creating the direct connection between the builder and the subcontractors, the buyer is able to focus their efforts on the overall outcome.

Design–build can save time and money for the owner, while allowing a chance to achieve innovation on the project. Design–build allows owners to avoid being placed directly between the architect/engineer and the contractor which under design–bid–build process, the owner takes on more legal risks in that position. The design build process has been used for centuries to increase productivity and reduce cost, but it is only recently making a significant comeback in the construction industry. Design build is becoming more common in the United States and abroad, giving fence companies a larger role in this process.


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