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Cantilever slide gates eliminate the requirement for ground tracks or overhead support rails. Cantilever construction allows for overhanging structures without external bracing.  These gates have framework that is fixed at one end and is free at the other as seen in the image below. These sliding gates provide a fast, reliable and efficient method of operating a gate for vehicle access. These gates can be made of steel, chain link or aluminum materials. They are durable, safe and can be manually or system operated with ease.

Aluminum Cantilever Slide Gates

Aluminum cantilever slide gates offer certain advantages over steel cantilever slide gates. Aluminum gates are lighter than steel cantilever gates and operate on fixed top or bottom track truck assemblies. Larger gate sizes can be accommodated at much less weight and that weight can be distributed over two or more truck assemblies. Less weight means larger gates can be operated manually or automated with less powerful gate operators, which results in lower cost for installation and operation.

Lighter weight and the aluminum finish add to the physical and operational life of the gate. Gate rollers do not offer the smooth operation of truck assemblies and rollers can require monthly maintenance depending on size and type of roller. There are a few disadvantages of steel versus aluminum as steel can take more abuse than aluminum and you don’t have track damage issues if a vehicle hits the gate. Steel cantilever gates are initially less expensive than aluminum cantilever gates.

Aluminum cantilever gates, because of the weight and weight distribution advantage can cover large gate openings with relative ease of operation both manually and automated. Aluminum cantilever gates are recommended for high volume continuous duty operation. Aluminum cantilever gates may just be your best investment depending on gate size, mode of operation and traffic volume. Aluminum cantilever gates are available in chain link and ornamental styles.

Automation of a cantilever slide gate involves the addition of a slide gate operator that can be pad or post mounted, a means to open or close the gate and the addition of safety devices such as safety loops, gate edges or photo eyes. Gate operators can be added to existing gates as well as new ones and integrated into any existing access control system. The number and type of safety devices required for gate automation is determined by the class of gate (i.e. 1,2,3 or 4) and if UL325 is required for that installation.

chainlink gate                                                          Simple Chainlink Cantilever Gate.

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