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The most requested residential fence type is Privacy Fence. As the name implies, privacy is obviously the biggest reasons people choose this type of fence. Once installed you will have a new level of comfort and relaxation in your outdoor oasis. No more neighbors who might watch you as you walk around the yard, surf the net, or nap on a lazy afternoon. A wood or vinyl privacy fence can help you create cozy micro-environments within your yard.  Although a great benefit, privacy isn’t the only reason to install this kind of fence. Let’s examine some of the other reasons our customers choose to invest in a Privacy Fence.

•    Noise Reduction:  Noise pollution can have numerous adverse effects on the human body, causing such problems as lack of restful sleep, stress, and even high blood pressure!  While it is virtually impossible to make an outdoor environment completely soundproof, a well-built privacy fence can definitely help.

•    Property Definition:  Delineating your property line is another reason to install any type of fence.  It leaves no question as to what features belong to which property owner. This is very important because as time passes and neighboring properties changes hands, a clear definition of a landline can make neighborly relations better. For example, it leaves little doubt who is to prune which trees and shrubs, as well as who is to mow the grass. By leaving no plant in a gray area, you are able to take responsibility for your property and let the neighbors be responsible for theirs.

•    Water Feature Safety:  If your property contains a water feature such as a small fishpond or a swimming pool a privacy fence is a definite possibility that would increase safety and potential liability. You must consider the fact that children and animals will constantly roam the neighborhood. The last thing you would want is your pond, or pool, to appear too inviting to kids, or animals that are looking to cool off.  Most localities specifically require fencing swimming pools and this could be reflected in your homeowner’s insurance premiums. Privacy fence is only one of your choices for a safety creating barrier.

•    Support Climbing Vegetation:  Privacy Fences also make great supports for climbing plants and vines. They can actually give the gardener more room to grow as climbing plants are among the most attractive.  Consider common jasmine or golden trumpet flowers and your fence is likely to be a focal point of the landscape. Or if you are looking for old world charm, imagine your fence covered in ivy!

•    Increased Property Value:  Lastly, if none of the mentioned reasons appeal to you, then try considering the installation of a privacy fence as an investment.  A properly installed privacy fence can add value to your property. There are many different types of privacy fence from which to choose. Investing in a beautiful design with maintenance free materials you may be able to incorporate the costs into your asking price, should you ever sell your property. The right fence can easily create the feel of more living space. You can stage your yard as space to sell during the spring, summer or fall seasons.

The reason for installing a privacy fence are endless. Your choice of the fence material is up to you.  The reason to install a wooden or vinyl privacy fence is personal to individual buyer, but it is evident that fences generally help neighbors and neighborhoods. Be sure to check your Homeowners Association (HOA) before purchasing any fence.

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