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As the chilly winter breeze starts to sweep through Virginia and North Carolina, homeowners may find themselves contemplating whether it's the right time to replace their fences. Contrary to popular belief, winter can be the ideal season for a fence replacement project. In fact, most fencing companies will tell you it is the best time for a fence replacement.  

Why Wait for Winter to Replace Your Fence? 

There is no rule against installing your fence during spring, summer, or fall, but there are plenty of reasons why tackling this task during the winter months is a smart choice – here are a few: 

  • Availability of Materials: Hurricane Fence, with its extensive inventory, ensures that a variety of fencing materials are readily available during the winter. This means quicker project kick-offs and completion, sparing homeowners the long wait times associated with other seasons. 
  • Frozen Ground is Advantageous: The frozen ground during winter provides a stable foundation for fence posts. This can contribute to the durability and longevity of the fence, as the posts are less likely to shift or settle over time. 
  • Contractor Availability: Winter is considered the off-season for many outdoor projects, including fencing. This often means contractors have more availability and can schedule your project promptly. 
  • Convenience: In the warmer months, you want to be outside enjoying your yard. If you opt that have your fence installed during that time, you might miss out on some prime sunny days perfect for relaxing in the backyard.  

Schedule Your Fence Installation Now 

In addition to discussing the benefits of winter fence replacement, we'll also explore fencing materials that withstand the cold climates of Richmond, Norfolk, Virginia Beach, Raleigh, NC, and surrounding areas. From durable vinyl to weather-resistant composite options, homeowners will discover the best choices for enduring the winter elements. 

Contact Hurricane Fence today to learn more about our options and to schedule your fence replacement. 

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