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Bollards stand as a versatile and forward-thinking solution, fortifying vehicles, properties, and facilities, thereby minimizing potential damage and amplifying overall safety. These strategically positioned posts create a barrier, deterring vehicles from encroaching on pedestrian areas, storefronts, or buildings. Available in a myriad of designs, including fixed and removable options, bollards offer flexibility tailored to precise requirements.

Steel Pipe Safety Bollards

Adaptable Functionality: Steel pipe safety bollards boast a robust welded steel construction, suited for both indoor and outdoor environments. Enhanced with a powder-coated yellow finish, these bollards ensure durability while presenting a distinctive appearance.

Protective Integrity: The heavy-duty build of these bollards acts as a shield for racks, building walls, and valuable equipment, furnishing dependable security for your property.

Effortless Installation: Equipped with a base plate featuring pre-drilled mounting holes, steel pipe safety bollards facilitate swift and seamless installation, ensuring a hassle-free setup for optimal security measures.

High Visibility: The towering profile of these bollards adds an extra layer of protection for personnel and equipment, rendering them an effective solution across a spectrum of applications.

Flexible Bollards

Impact Resilience: Engineered to yield under reasonable impact and then rebound to their upright position, flexible bollards enhance safety by minimizing damage to vehicles and the bollards themselves during collisions.

Adaptability: Available in permanent or removable iterations, flexible bollards offer adaptability to meet specific project requirements. With options spanning various colors and diameters, customization caters to aesthetic preferences and functional necessities.

Comprehensive Delineation: Flexible bollards offer 360-degree delineation, ensuring thorough coverage to effectively guide traffic and pedestrians. Their versatility extends to installation in handicap-accessible parking spaces, loading dock areas, and fire lanes.

Speed Bumps

Augmented Traffic Safety: Speed bumps serve to significantly reduce motorist speeds, thereby enhancing overall traffic safety. Thoughtfully positioned speed bumps serve as reminders for motorists to slow down to 2-5 MPH, particularly in areas like parking lots, pedestrian crosswalks, residential roads and driveways, and construction zones.

Material Options: Opting for plastic or rubber speed bumps ensures durability and efficacy. These materials guarantee longevity while delivering the requisite traffic calming measures.

Elevate the safety and security of your property in Norfolk with our comprehensive bollard installation services. Connect with us today to delineate your specific needs, and rely on our seasoned team to furnish you with tailored solutions for effective security and traffic management.

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