People have several different choices for their chain link fence. Each type provides consumers with long-lasting security for their homes and families. Residential chain link fabric should be “knuckled” at the top and bottom so family members will not be exposed to sharp edges.

Let's compare types of chain link fencing. Chain link fencing has been the product of choice  for perimeter fencing for over 70 years because of its strength, corrosion resistance, "see thru capabilities", ease of installation, versatility, variety of product selection and value.

A Black galvanized Chain link fence enclsore surrounds a suburban yard in Norfolk, Virginia
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Metallic-Coated Fabric and posts are the traditional building blocks for chain-link fencing. Strong and sensible, metallic-coated chain-link is the most economical material choice. Due to improved manufacturing processes, today’s metallic-coated chain-link lasts longer than ever, inhibits rust and is available in several different metallic coatings, including galvanized, aluminized, galfan and galvinal. Ask your chain link dealer which metallic coating is right for you.

Color-Coated Chain Link
Color-coated chain link is formed when a layer of colored material is applied to a chain-link fence. Coatings are made of either colored vinyl or polymers and should be UV (ultraviolet) stable so colors won’’t fade. Color choices include black, green and brown. The color coating also prevents the fence from rusting, helps it blend into the surroundings and has a smoother finish that’s perfect for children.

Estate Fence
Estate fences are designed using different colors and styles of fence and often are constructed of black, color-coated fence materials and square posts. Stylish caps can be use on the posts to add a final touch of distinction.

Garden Fences and Trellises
Chain-link fence is ideally suited to enclose gardens and serve as a backdrop to climbing plants. Unlike most fences, chain-link is see-through, allowing the beauty of your garden to be admired. It is also an effective barrier against common garden pests and neighborhood children.In addition, chain-link is the perfect choice to serve as a trellis for climbing plants, as its strength combined with its shape provides the structure plants need to take root. Also, unlike wood, chain-link trellises will not rot or require upkeep.