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Guard Rail Services in Virginia Beach, VA

Explore the versatility and safety of our guard rail solutions tailored for both indoor and outdoor applications in Virginia Beach. Our standard guardrail fabrication includes variations in steel, aged stainless steel, and wood, providing a comprehensive range to meet diverse project requirements.

Quality Installation Options Choose from single and double railing systems, each designed to comply with OSHA standards for maximum safety. Our guardrail systems are anchored to the floor through base plates fastened with anchor bolts, ensuring a secure and reliable installation. Fabricated steel columns, pre-drilled by the manufacturer and equipped with installation hardware, further enhance the structural integrity of our guardrail systems.

Durable and Versatile Materials Opt for standard galvanized steel systems (12-gauge) that offer durability and come in curved and 90-degree variations suitable for traffic areas. Explore additional variations, including cylindrical beams and flatter beams with ribbing for added strength.

OSHA Yellow for Safety Our guardrails, suitable for indoor and outdoor use, are typically painted OSHA yellow for enhanced visibility and safety. Beam railings, ranging from one to three beams, are coated with UV-resistant polyurethane sleeves, ensuring long-lasting protection.

Standard Guardrail Applications

  • Pedestrian Walkway Protection: Safeguard pedestrian walkways with our robust guardrail solutions.
  • Workstation & Transformer Area Barrier: Create secure barriers for workstations and transformer areas to enhance safety in industrial settings.
  • Protection for Equipment from Forklift Damages: Prevent damage to equipment by installing guardrails to protect against forklift accidents.
  • Protecting Buildings, Walls & Doors from Vehicular Damage: Ensure the structural integrity of buildings, walls, and doors by implementing guardrails to minimize vehicular damage.
  • Roadway Precautions to Prevent & Minimize Accidents: Enhance roadway safety with guardrails designed to prevent and minimize accidents.

Guardrail Types

  • W-Beams: Zinc-coated and weather-resistant, these high-gauge steel rails offer protection against environmental conditions and are ideal for traffic and highway safety.
  • Drop-in Rails: Featuring easily accessible brackets allowing post sections to slide into the structure during installation, providing a convenient and secure solution.
  • Bolt-on Rails: Choose from single, double, or triple rails with specific installation involving hand tools, drills, and manufacturer-provided hardware for a customizable barrier solution.

Elevate the safety measures of your space with our guard rail services in Virginia Beach. Contact us to discuss your project requirements and let our expert team design and install a guardrail system tailored to your unique needs.

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