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High Security Solutions for Military, Government, and Commercial Facilities in Chesapeake, VA

At Hurricane Fence, we recognize the paramount importance of safeguarding sensitive military, government, and commercial facilities. Our high-security fence systems are meticulously engineered to meet the rigorous security demands of airports, fuel depots, power stations, chemical plants, and local courthouses in Chesapeake, VA. When it comes to fortifying your fenced area, our high-security solutions deliver the highest level of protection.

Comprehensive Security Solutions

Types of High-Security Fencing

K-rated and M-Rated Fences: Specifically designed to withstand forced entry and attacks, our K-rated and M-rated fence systems offer robust protection for your facility. 

ASTM Crash Gates: Built to ASTM standards, our crash gates provide a dependable barrier against vehicular threats. 

Wedge Barriers: Engineered for maximum perimeter entry security, our wedge barriers offer rapid deployment, flush roadway installation, and K12 crash test certification.

Advanced Access Control Systems

Razor Wire: Comprising a mesh of metal strips with sharp edges, razor wire prevents unauthorized passage. Our razor wire options include short, medium, and long barb variations, enhancing perimeter security. Barbed Wire: Featuring sharp edges arranged at intervals along the strands, our barbed wire solutions provide an effective deterrent against intrusion.

Wedge Barriers

K12 Crash Test Certified: Our wedge barriers undergo rigorous testing to withstand crash impacts, offering M50/P1 equivalent protection. 

Rapid Deployment: Ensuring quick response times to potential threats. 

Flush with Roadway: The unit is entirely flush with the roadway when retracted, eliminating the need for side pillars or above-grade assemblies. 

Anti-Skid Top Plate: Enhances safety and stability. 

Shallow Mount Installation: Simplifies installation while maintaining effectiveness. 

Hydraulic Power Unit & Weatherproof Enclosure: Ensures reliable operation in all conditions.

Access Control Systems

Electronic Access Control: Our commercial-grade access control systems classify and regulate access to secure areas, providing an integrated approach to security. 

Automated Protection: Offering 24/7 protection, our systems coordinate with other security measures for a comprehensive solution. 

Customizable Security Levels: Tailored to the specific security requirements of your facility.

Tailored Solutions for Your Perimeter

High-security projects demand careful consideration and customization. Contact our expert team in Chesapeake, VA, to discuss the intricacies of your project and discover the optimal high-security solutions for your facility. We are dedicated to delivering unparalleled security to safeguard what matters most to you.

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