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Hurricane Fence Company specializes in installing versatile chain link cages for both indoor and outdoor applications. Our chain link enclosures offer secure storage solutions, providing excellent visibility and flexibility for various environments. Whether safeguarding valuable property or creating specific storage spaces, our chain link cages are crafted to address the unique requirements of each facility.

Indoor Cages

Restricted Access: Indoor chain link fence enclosures are ideal for items requiring limited accessibility. Equipped with swinging or sliding gates, these enclosures ensure convenient access while upholding a high level of security. The inclusion of a locking system adds an extra layer of protection. 

Climate-Controlled Environments: The open design of indoor chain link fences facilitates the maintenance of temperature and humidity, making them suitable for climate-controlled spaces. This feature is particularly advantageous for facilities necessitating specific environmental conditions. 

Commercial Properties: Chain link storage cages offer commercial properties a cost-effective solution for securely storing flammable substances or valuable goods. They contribute to maintaining security within the facility. 

Apartment Complexes and Landlords: Apartment complexes and landlords can provide tenants with secure storage units using indoor chain link cages, enhancing resident amenities while ensuring the safety of stored items. 

Commercial or Government Facilities: Facilities requiring secure storage for equipment or files, whether during operational hours or non-operational hours, can benefit from indoor chain link enclosures. 

Indoor Athletic Facilities: Indoor chain link enclosures serve a dual purpose, acting as batting cages and providing storage for athletic facilities. This versatile application optimizes indoor space utilization.

Outdoor Cages

Batting Cages: Outdoor chain link enclosures are commonly utilized as batting cages, offering a designated space for sports practice and training. 

Ball Practice & Sports Equipment Storage: These cages serve as versatile areas for ball practice and storage of sports equipment, promoting organization and protection. 

Storage Yards & Industrial Buildings: Outdoor chain link cages are suitable for storage yards and industrial buildings, furnishing secure areas for various materials and equipment. 

Overnight Storage for Construction Supplies & Equipment: These cages provide practical solutions for overnight storage of expensive construction supplies and equipment, safeguarding valuable assets. 

Dumpster Enclosures: Outdoor chain link enclosures are frequently employed as dumpster enclosures, offering a secure and functional solution for waste management.

Enhance the security and organization of your property in Chesapeake with our indoor and outdoor chain link cage services. Reach out to us to discuss your specific needs, and allow our experienced team to provide you with customized solutions for efficient and secure storage.

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