Hurricane Fence Company's range of Aluminum fence solutions cover all the bases from pre-sized panels to custom enclosures for any landscape.

Ornamental Aluminum fence structures will work for urban and suburban yards, patios and pools. They are famous for their affordable modern take on classic and costly wrought iron.


  • Affordable  Aluminum fencing costs much less than traditional wrought iron.
  • Maintenance  As opposed to wrought iron,  Aluminum will not rust or need to be repainted.
  • Curb Appeal  A distinguished enclosure, black or Bronze metal fencing blends with almost all landscapes and white and green can be ordered upon special request.
  • Security  Spear-topped pickets are a much harder fence to breach than chain link or wood.
  • Rackablity  Good aluminum fence panels can adhere and adjust to the slope of your land.
  • Eco-Friendly  Aluminum fencing products can eventually be recycled.
Residential Ornamental Aluminum Fences
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Pools are a wonderful way to keep your family healthy and happy.  Pool safety and style can be synonymous when you install a fence that gives you a clear view from your home or yard.
In many states, pools deeper than 18 inches must have a fence installed around it. Your private residential pool doesn't have the same requirements in pool decking as the public pools do, but the private pools do have a specific code.

Residential Pool Fence Requirements

  • The fence must be at least 48” tall
  • The mid-rail must be at least 45” above the bottom rail
  • The spacing between pickets must be less than 4”.
  • The spacing between the bottom rail and the ground must be less than 4”.
  • The gates must be self-closing and self-latching
  • The gate needs to open out and away from the pool area
  • The opening mechanism must be at least 54” above ground.


Ornamental Aluminum Pool Enclosure Collage


Hurricane Fence Company Residential Division uses highly acclaimed Active Yards® Aluminum products. 
A patent-pending construction system called Corigin® that connects the pickets and rails from the inside, fortifying the core and building a fence that outperforms all another standard fencing products.

Standard finishes are smooth and shiny, and the Satin finish imparts a matte texture. All fence sections from Active Yards come factory pre-assembled in 6’ lengths with a broad offering of heights: 4’, 4-1/2’, 5’, and 6’.

Custom lengths and heights are available in particular order. Each section easily follows modest changes in grade along a property line or can be factory designed to conform to more prominent hills and valleys.

Ornamental Aluminum Landscape Fences


The perfect finish to your beautiful new landscape fence is the added benefit of an Ornamental Aluminum gate. 

With many manual gate options, Hurricane Fence Company will customize your entrance, so you’re guaranteed added privacy that's a perfect fit.

Durable, lightweight aluminum is an ideal material for automatic gates as well. Let us bend, weld, or otherwise shape our aluminum to your exact specifications.

Check out our Gate Operator page, and browse the image gallery below. Then, give us a call to get going on your manual or automatic gate project.


  • Raises nearly every property's value
  • Highly versatile and acclaimed material
  • Added Security to home and yard.
  • Can be custom designed, sized and automated 
  • Significantly more affordable than wrought-iron.
Ornamental Aluminum Gates
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