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Hurricane Fence Company specializes in providing a comprehensive range of temporary fence and event barricade solutions for various applications, including construction sites and special events, ensuring temporary security is efficiently and safely implemented. Our services include both rental and purchase options, complete setup, and breakdown.

Temporary Fence Panels

Ensure the safety of workers, pedestrians, and traffic with reliable temporary fence panels. Ideal for construction sites and structured events, temporary fence panels are available in chain link, wood, or interlocking steel options. Whether for rental or purchase, our solutions cater to the specific needs of your application.

Chain Link Panels

Cost-effective chain-link panels provide a secure barrier for job sites. Panels with extended legs, suitable for surfaces that shouldn't be permanently disturbed, can slide into a concrete block or stand bag. For added security, chain link fence panels can be fitted with barbed wire along the top rail.


Enhance privacy and security with windscreen additions to temporary and in-ground chain link panels. Easily attachable to driven chain-link posts using zip ties, the windscreen can be changed or removed as needed. This versatile addition provides privacy and offers space for signage or advertising.

Temporary Wood Fence

For long-term construction projects in traditional settings, temporary wood fences create a solid barrier between construction areas and the public. Difficult to climb and opaque, these fences are installed with 4" x 4" wood posts and plywood, ensuring durability and security.

Vinyl Event Fence

Engineered for events, vinyl event fence panels interlock to form a seamless crowd control barrier. Swiveling legs at the base accommodate uneven terrain, and ground stakes can be applied for more permanent installations. The smooth surface and clean look of vinyl make these panels resemble residential vinyl picket fences.

Bike Racks & Barricades

Ideal for events of all sizes, bike racks and barricades provide predictable and efficient security. Whether restricting access or securing bikes, these structures are perfect for athletic events, music festivals, and local celebrations. The simplicity of design allows for quick setup and dismantling.

Metal Crowd Control Barriers

Metal crowd control barriers are easily assembled and disassembled, featuring a durable design with continually rolled tube construction. Available in various sizes, these barriers provide efficient crowd control for events, ensuring safety and order.

Elevate the security measures for your construction site or event in Virginia Beach with our temporary fence and event barricade services. Contact us to discuss your specific needs, and let our experienced team provide you with a customized solution for efficient and reliable temporary security.

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