Vinyl & PVC

Whether you are seeking privacy for or from your environment, seeking protection for your prized possessions, completing the final touch around your pool, or just looking to add decorative curb appeal to enhance the value of your home, Hurricane Fence Company has a solution for your Residential property.


  • Maintenance  Vinyl & PVC fences are widely popular because of how little effort it takes to keep them looking new.  
  • Curb Appeal  Modern material with clean lines compliments most home landscapes no matter the era.  
  • Ease of Installation Lock in place panels ensures your fence project is expedited faster than many other types of fences.
  • Security  Privacy fence panels are extremely difficult to scale or break apart.
  • Movability  Can be installed on slightly uneven terrain without jeopardizing the even look of your panels.
  • Double Duty The look of wood pickets can be easily simulated with no weathering for their lifetime.

Peruse a wide variety of projects in the photo gallery at the bottom of the page and then get in touch to start on your fence project.

Residential Vinyl Fence Collage
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Our privacy panels from Active Yards are designed with a thorough construction process that protects the outside and fortifies the inside of your new vinyl panels, producing a longer lasting, stronger and better-looking privacy fence.  


  • Perfectly Balanced  ActiveYards Vinyl rail systems are designed to prevent substantial long-term bowing or sagging no matter the weather.
  • Glide Lock  Locks tightly into place without any gaps providing you the seclusion and privacy you want for your yard.
  • Stay Straight  Features innovative gate pockets exclusively engineered for strength without the use of a brace.
  • Solar Guard  Infused with color retention technology to help protect from the harmful rays of the sun.
Active Yards Vinyl Privacy Fence


Low maintenance, efficiency, safety, and style can be synonymous. 

Vinyl pool enclosures are an HOA friendly way to ensure everyone has a code compliant safety barrier whether inside or outside the pool gates.   

Vinyl's durability in high traffic entry and exit of perimeters makes it a perfect option for a Residential enclosure.

Active Yards Vinyl Pool Fences


The perfect fence does more than protect it enhances the perimeter of your property.

There are an array of vinyl landscape perimeter fences that can be the perfect finishing touch to your Residential property.

If you want to enhance the monetary and aesthetic value of your home surroundings for years to come, consider a vinyl fence from Active Yards installed professionally by Hurricane Fence Company.


  • Raises nearly every property's value
  • Versatile and acclaimed material
  • Added Security to home and yard.
  • Prefabricated or custom options
  • A low maintenance, long-lasting fence solution.
Active Yards Vinyl Landscape fence