Steel Slide Gates: Uses and Automation

Steel slide gates are in use at residential, commercial, industrial and government locations.

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Design Build: The Simple Solution for a Complicated Fence Project

A Design Build project is  when the traditional “bid” step of design-bid-build format is circumvented by entrusting the task a subcontractor to design and build the project. Depending on the circumstances, the cost incurred by hiring an architect or additional engineer is eliminated alongside the middle man.

A professional commercial or industrial fence contractor that has proven experience with design build, will be able to both design and price your enclosure solution based on specifications.

As a side note, smaller more intimate level, almost all residential customers can be considered the "owner" and the subcontractor designs and builds the fence based their needs.


For example, VDOT and military specifications are exceptionally strict.
The fence company involved should have a working knowledge of how the requirements affect the job. Design–build places the responsibility for design errors and omissions on the design–builder, relieving the owner of legal and managerial responsibilities. The burden for these costs and associated risks are transferred to the design–build team.

ASTM specifications play a very large part these types of projects because very rarely is the specification drawn out on the plans. They often require a vast array of specifications that its typically in the best interest of the property construction team to hire a professional.

er. This simplifies the work of the buyer and streamlines the construction process.

Buyers & Builders

Often, commercial construction managers and the property owner, will collaborate in order to organize the needs of the customer by fielding the information to selected design/build subcontractors. This is especially true when the fence job must involve several trades to work togeth. Without the right experience and resources, a new fence company might miss specifications and codes needed for that particular job. Depending on whether the project is commercial, military, or federal, the requirements can vary greatly and affect cost structure.


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What Is Anti Terrorism Force Protection or ATFP Perimeter Security?

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The United States Marines defines Antiterrorism/Force Protection as a “security program designed to protect military personnel, civilian employees, family members, facilities, and equipment in all locations and situations from the calculated use of violence or threat of violence to inculcate fear, intended to coerce or to intimidate governments or societies in the pursuit of goals that are generally political, religious or ideological.”

AT/FP perimeter security systems are generally used when the highest level of protection is needed. They are used around government buildings like the Pentagon, prisons, jails, nuclear power plants, Federal Reserve banks and other high-security buildings.  ATFP systems are designed to reduce the vulnerability of and to protect lives, facilities, equipment and information. In fencing, Antiterrorism & Force Protection refers to how much force a structure can withstand before becoming compromised by an attacker.

The following ratings have been used to issue contracts for Crash Rated Fences since 2000:

  • K4 rating is for a vehicle traveling 30 mph

  • K8 rating is for a vehicle traveling 40 mph

  • K12 rating is for a vehicle traveling 50 mph

K-Ratings are levels of barrier protection as determined by the Department of State (DoS). A 'K' Rating is also known as a Crash Test Certification. K Ratings are given to a fence, bollard, gate, or other barrier to indicate how effective that barrier is at protecting what it is guarding by measuring the barrier's stopping power in relation to the speed and weight to an incoming vehicle. The standard unit of measurement is based on a 15,000 lb. (6810 kg.) gross weight vehicle impacting a barrier perpendicularly.

The James River Water Treatment pump in Shockoe Bottom Richmond is enclosed by 12 ft. curved spiked picket black steel

In order to be DOS certified, the barrier must not bend beyond 39 inches past the pre-impact boundary of the barrier when penetrated by a vehicle.

What kind of wrought-iron, steel, or aluminum ornamental type of Fence is ATFP Compliant? Steel fences are the Anti-Terrorism/Force Protection standard for high-security government buildings; but basically any commercial or residential fence can be made ATFP compliant by installing cable or beam reinforcements. Steel cables are cemented into the ground and wrung along the accompanying fence or gate. Bollards are short and thick (iron or steel) metal posts set at even intervals. They are often times used to control traffic, but bollards can also be used to make certain fencing ATFP compliant.Reinforcement measures and ornamental fences can make AT/FP fence or gate requirements very expensive. Part of the United State's Policy on Terrorism dictates that all lawful measures to prevent [terrorism] acts and bring to justice those who commit them will be taken. Therefore, while Antiterrorism/Force Protection fencing systems may be costly, they are necessary in many situations.


Black, steel ATFP Compliant Security Fence at US Naval Base in July 2015.

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Options for Commercial Access Gates and Fence Solutions

A Professional Fence Company should have a variety options for Commercial Gate applications. The gate systems are designed to restrict unwanted entry and ensure the protection of assets and employees. Gate systems are designed to work efficiently with repeated mechanical use in any setting. Hurricane Fence Company offers the latest in Commercial Gate System trends and technology in a plethora of scales and styles. These maneuverable fence barriers can be engineered to meet the needs of everything from small Residential Secured Access to the most complex structural demands.

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As Hurricane Fence Company wraps up the AMTRAK Middle River MD project, we're reflecting on what an important project this was for contractors, authorities & commuters alike. 

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How Do You Fix A Rotted Fence?

How to Fix a Rotted Fence is explained below: By Denise Brown, eHow Contributor

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Who Really Uses High Security Access Control?



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How Is A Good Fence Contractor Selected?

There are many fence contractors looking to provide you services in erecting fences, however some are not qualified or do not have the proper experience to carry out certain jobs. A fence contractor is chosen in different ways, and this will vary depending upon the specific customers needs. The main disciplines in fencing opportunities are Commercial, Governmental, and Residential. Each one of these divisions has certain requirements to be able to qualify to bid, and to then execute the work.

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What is ATFP? And Related K4 K8 K12 Perimeter Security?

atfp fence k rated


Anti-Terrorism/Force Protection (ATFP) is generally defined as a federal security program formed to protect personnel, information, and critical resources from outside attacks.  These attacks could be attempted by the use of Rocket Propelled Grenades (RPG), truck bombs, or any means of weighted attack force. Areas of planned security could include law enforcement personnel, intelligence and training. For our purposes we will only discuss the physical security of a site.

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Who Provides Dependable Fence Solutions?

Hurricane Fence Company

Hurricane Fence has been a dependable provider of fence solutions for nearly twenty years. Owners, John Lowndes and Dennis Sulser, first opened Hurricane Fence in Richmond’s Fulton Hill neighborhood in 1994 and have been helping serve and expand their loyal customer base ever since.

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