Residential Wood

Wood has a comforting and natural look that almost looks as if it’s a continuation of your landscaping design.

Desirable not only for its' natural aesthetic but also a long history of maintaining physical integrity while aging gracefully.

Eighty percent of all wood fencing is composed of either pine or cedar. When professionally installed and properly maintained will hold up to weather and time beautifully.

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Wood Fence Collage
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The lines of a horizontal board fence enclosure will give your landscape a modern design that promises to be a neighborhood standout.

Architects use horizontal lines to form relationships between buildings and existing landscape features and we can do the same with your fence project.


  • Horizontal lines run parallel to the earth and promote the natural continuation of landscaping.
  • Horizontal lines are combined with vertical lines to build stable shapes.
  • A break in a horizontal board fence can create emphasis and give the illusion of added space in smaller landscapes.
Horizontal Board Privacy Fence


Cedar and pressure treated wood fences are economical to install but require the most maintenance of all privacy fence materials.

Wood privacy fences are available in prefabricated panels, post-and-rail designs, and lattice panels, which offer you privacy with varying levels of security.

You can build a wood privacy fence to keep prying eyes away from your landscape or as a substantial barrier, preventing unwanted animal visitors out of your yard. 


•    Raises nearly every property's value
•    Design versatility
•    Added Security to home and yard.
•    Potential to benefit next door neighbors 
•    Affords a range of price structures
Wood Privacy Fence


Used decoratively for domestic boundaries, a picket fence is defined by evenly spaced vertical boards distinguish a picket fence, the pickets, attached to horizontal rails.

We've designed and installed nearly every type of picket fence under the sun. Check out the array of options in the photo gallery below.


  • Raises nearly every property's value
  • Design versatility
  • Added Security to home and yard.
  • Potential to benefit next door neighbors 
  • Affordable
Scalloped Wood Picket Fence


Wood is a durable and versatile material choice for your Residential gate. They make great side gates, field gates or estate gates. Some use them internally within gardens to divide individual sections.  All allow for convenient entrance to the rear of your property.

Wood gates have a unique aging process that many find very aesthetically pleasing. With the proper protective treatment, your wooden gate will last for many years and show off its age beautifully.

•  Raises nearly every property's value
•  Design versatility
•  Added Security to home and yard.
•  Customizable
Hurricane Fence Wood Gate


Sometimes you know exactly what you want. It might not be classic, and it might not be modern. It might come from a pin or a magazine or even the reaches of your imagination. 

Rest assured, Hurricane Fence Company can design and install a fence that expresses your desired aesthetic. If you can dream it, we can build it. 
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Custom Wood Gate