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It's Halloween 2016: So stake your territory, wipe the goo guts of your notepad, and find a good hiding spot­­. Shockingly, the perimeter security fencing on The WalkingDead is hardly accurate. Here's why:
walkers at fence close
A huge part of what makes high-security fencing so desirable that is its ability to intimidate on the outside and work even harder than it looks. High-security chain link fence enclosures are engineered to withstand unforeseen disturbances of the natural, human and sub-human variety.
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Contrary to the show, High-security Chain link (with or without barb wire) will not buckle under tension. It’s also nearly impossible to cut through. The chain link is fixed to the steel posts by high grade welded wire ties that prevent disruption between the steel posts and the chain link.  Nor will It waiver or warp when hit by a truck at up to 35 mph. Even 700 slow and rapidly decaying zombies wouldn’t be able to penetrate a prison or other restricted access facilities by simultaneously pulling on a solid sheet of no climb mesh chain link.High-Security fencing also uses steel beams and posts reinforced from underground with concrete. Steel posts are then strategically placed a decided number of feet apart making intrusion virtually impossible.In our over 20 years of fence construction, we’ve handled more zombie infestations than we can count. Should your Property or Facility come face to fence with the zombie apocalypse, here’s some High-Security Fence Solutions that won’t leave you hanging on by a thread. (or tendon).
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gates and high security restricted access tiger teeth bab wire high security razor and tape make a nice addition to any high security fence structure. designmaster welded wire security fencing is a chainlink and steel alternative that prevents climbing
Haven't been this satisfied in a product and customer service in a LONG time!!–Haley C.
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