High Security Fence can mean many things to many people, but generally it is a combination of wire fencing fabric or panels topped with razor wire, barbed wire, or any combination of these products. Security Fencing is usually 8-feet high or taller and is topped with a minimum of three strands of barbed wire. There are many other options as well. This includes but are not limited to welded wire, anti-climb mesh,  picket steel 

From an anti-climb mesh to curved galvanized aluminum, or cable reinforcement, we have an experienced fence professional that specializes all of the major security systems, Hurricane Fence Company has 20 years of experience in the application of High Security Commercial and Industrial fence systems.  



Impasse offers the strength of industrial steel spears, that secure vertically to a frame of specially formed steel rails and I-beam posts.

The structure of the Impasse fence system installed by a Hurricane Fence Specialist not only delays aggressive attacks, but also allows for the seamless integration of additional security features such as anti-ram cables, sensors and alarm systems.

Our high security ornamental and steel fence  structures offer the ultimate in government force protection Much like commercial and residential fence systems, high security ornamental offers a powder coated finish for low maintenance fencing and cable barrier systems are designed for force protection around bases as well as physical security of the assets within military installations and federal facilities.

Ranging from K12 crash rated security and ATFP specifications for data centers, large commercial enterprises, federal and state facilities.

K rated fence systems.Our high security ornamental and steel fence structures offer the ultimate in government force protection. A Welded Wire Fence System is a great alternative option that offers high security both minimal in materials, and presentation.


Sometimes, a traditional high security application isn't quite what you have in mind for the feel of your property. 

Hurricane Fence proudly offers Designmaster welded wire welded wire fence solutions that come with all the essentials and work with multiple security applications like barb wire.

DMF Forte  is a fencing solution that combines high strength horizontal and vertical wires and very close panel openings in order to create a high security perimeter fence that will stop and delay intruders better than any traditional iron works fence. 
Check out our welded wire page to see your options.


A bright yellow high security tiger teeth installation below ground guards a government enterace to prevent unwanted intrusion.

BOLLARDS & BARRIERSBollards-for-Commercial-and-Industrial-Sites-from-Armco-Barriers-405980-l_-_Copy.jpg

Bollards are used for ship moorings, traffic control and protection from criminal and terrorist attack. We also use them to protect fence and walls in parking garages and lots, gate operators and access control devices in gated communities, parking areas in front of our favorite convenient store and key vehicle entry points.

Bollards control traffic patterns and provide a major deterrent against criminal or terrorist attack. Depending on the need, bollards provide a product that can achieve the end result with a small footprint at a relatively small cost.


 As below, chain link fence is the most requested security fence.  A combination of security, low cost, and durability makes this fence material a great option.There are many different types of chain link fence. Galvanized Chain Link fence and Vinyl Coated Chain Link are among the most common. 


Chain link fence come in many sizes as well. Some common sizes for this type of fence are 3 ft, 4 ft, 5 ft, 6 ft, 7 ft, 8 ft, and 10 ft. Chain link fence also come in a variety of mesh sizes. The standard mesh size is 2 in. another popular size is 1.75 in. This fence also comes in anti-climb rated variations as well. For additional security barbed wire can be added. For applications requiring ever higher levels of security razor wire can also be added.

A psychiatic facility in rural Virginia is kept secure with the application of barwire and 10 ft. high steel chain link fence A galvanized steel chain link fence with top curve prevents escape and intrusion at a prison in Virginia.

At Hurricane Fence Company, we can supply material and provide engineering of yout commercial or high security galvanized chain link and barbwire applications. and install . If you have a need for this product or are just looking for some advice please feel free to contact us.