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 Who Uses Crash and K-Rated Fencing the Most?

A ‘K' rating is a Crash Test Certification issued by the Department of State (DOS) to a fence, gate, barrier or bollard indicating perpendicular impact penetration of a vehicle of a specific weight at a specific speed. In lay people terms, it uses physics to measure the particular stopping power of a barrier in relation to the speed and weight of an incoming vehicle. The K rating weight of the vehicle is standard at 15,000 lbs. These DOS standard barriers can only allow the truck to penetrate no more than 36 inches past the bed of the vehicle bed.
Crash Fence, also known as ATFP Fences, K Rated Fence, and High Security Fencing, is something you may not notice until you're forced to interact with . (Or not as the case may be) The data center down the street, the bank on the corner, the jail downtown, military bases, school security safety applications, etc. You might not recognize crash rated commercial or government fencing unless you know what to look for.A designmaste Forte fencing system applied to a city parking deck deters and prevents accidents. Crash rated fence and materials are used in a wide range of commercial, industrial and government applications. These maximum-security fences are also used in fence security systems high profile private residences and estates. Most if not all government and commercial facilities have Power plants, fuel depots, chemical plants, federal and state government and military installations all this have this type of fence products installed. Perimeter fencing and gates achieve their K rating through the addition of cable and/or beam reinforcements. Active barriers such as drop arm barriers, wedge barriers, capture barriers and pop up bollards achieve their K rating (as a rule) through enhanced materials and foundations.
For example, a commercial fence project may call for heavier gauges of steel anchored into reinforced concrete footings. Regardless of the barrier type, the “K’ rating has become the standard for anti-ram crash barrier protection in the last decade. It is commonly known as Anti-terrorism force protection or AT/FP.  The (ASTM) American Society for Testing and Materials or ASTM also covers these standard government fence ratings. Crash fences are perimeter security systems formed to protect personnel, data, and critical resources from outside attacks. These attacks could be attempted by the use of Rocket Propelled Grenades (RPG), truck bombs, or any means of weighted attack force. Areas of planned security could include law enforcement centers, intelligence agencies and government training facilities.Crash-secured structures can actually be made better able to prevent blasts from having a great effect. This can be done by ‘hardening’ the exterior of the structure by blast proofing the walls and glass. This can be achieved with the addition of concrete and steel wall supports. A â progressive collapse structural design can be created to limit the likelihood of a complete building collapse in the event of an attack.
AT/FP standards set by the federal government can be used to protect areas such as military vicinity, state and local courthouses, banking centers and certain corporate areas. Corporations can deal with security sensitive matters like financial markets and internet service providing server farms.

  • K4 rating is for a vehicle traveling 30mph- A K-4 system, which is two 3/4" cabling with concrete anchoring dead man will stop a 15,000 pound vehicle traveling at 30 miles per hour.
K8 rating is for a vehicle traveling 40mph- A K-8 system with two 3/4" cabling and 1" cable with concrete dead man will halt a 15,000 pound vehicle at a maximum speed of 40 miles per hour. K12 rating is for a vehicle traveling 50mph- A K-12 system with three 1" cables will prevent penetration of a 15,000 pound vehicle with a maximum acceleration 50 miles per hour.
 A building under renovation uses ameristar black galvanized steel with sharp picket points to deter access to the area  The pump house in Richmond Virginia's Shockoe Bottom was contructed after water damage from the James River seeped into its damaged parking lot.  Forte by Deisgnmaster fence is a new alternative to chain link with equal stregnth and more pleasing design.

This test rating has been used to issue contracts since 2000. To conclude, rash fences are thoroughly tested and relied upon by various entities. When looking for a fence contractor to install your AT-FP fence, be sure and ask to see a list of at least three similar projects that have been successfully completed in recent years. A fence is only as secure as the crew that installed it, so be sure to interview your contractors.

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