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Commercial Fence Solutions for Washington DC

With over 150 years of combined experience in commercial and government applications, Hurricane Fence is the trusted perimeter security solutions provider in the Washington, DC area. Our highly experienced fence installers provide high-security, M-Rated, ATFP, K-Rated, and industrial-grade fence and perimeter security installation services. As an accredited BBB business and Blue Ribbon American Fence Association company, our commercial customers have peace of mind knowing their property is highly protected keeping intruders out and workers safe. 

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Temporary Fence Solutions & Fence Rental Services

With so much growth and so many events happening in Washington DC, Hurricane Fence is the provider for all your fence solutions! During construction, special events, or any other area where temporary fence solutions we offer a variety of solutions. From chain link, wood, interlocking steel, or crowd control barriers, our temporary fences are available for rental or purchase. For added ease, we will set up and break down your fence to make.  We offer:

  • Temporary Fence Panels – When municipalities, insurance companies, or general contractors require perimeter security, we offer temporary fencing for rent or purchase. These structures are a reliable barrier for the safety of workers, and foot or vehicle traffic.
  • Chain Link Panels - Chain-link panels are a cost-effective way to secure a job site that will not require a permanent perimeter solution. Depending on its purpose, we offer fence panels with extended legs that can easily slide into a concrete block or onto a stand bag. For added protection, these panels can have barbed wire attached along the top for added security.
  • Windscreen – These screens provide privacy and are the ideal place for signage or strategic ad placement along the exterior. Windscreen adheres to the temporary chain link fence via zip ties that attach the screen to the fence, so when needed, they can be easily changed or removed.
  • Temporary Wood Fence - This type of wood fencing is hard to climb and impossible to see through making it the perfect solution for many different settings requiring complete privacy. The fence is installed with 4" x 4" wood posts with the plywood attached with screws or nails.
  • Vinyl Event Fence - These single panels are portable and interlocking to create a solid crowd control barrier. They come in ground stakes for permanent solutions or can be moved to different areas as needed. The smooth vinyl surface creates a clean, residential picket fence appearance for added appeal. 
  • Bike Racks & Barricades - Bike racks and barricades are often a necessity for large and small events. Our sturdy barricade will keep people from restricted areas during gatherings such as athletic events, music festivals, and other popular local events found throughout the Washington DC area.  
  • Metal Crowd Control Barriers - Crowd control barricades are available in a wide selection of sizes and are easily erected and dismantled for quick and easy use. The main barrier outer ring is made from two pieces of continually rolled tube, for a sturdy product.

High-Security Fence

Washington DC is home to many buildings and sites for military, government, and other commercial facilities that rely on a high level of dependable security fence systems. Our high-security customers depend on our reliable fences for their peace of mind knowing their areas are secure 24/7. We can work together to determine your needs and provide the best solution including options such as K-rated, M-Rated, ASTM crash gates, wedge barriers, and access control systems. Some of our common options include:

Razor Wire  - Razor wires are metal strips with sharp edges that are added to the top of a fence to deter intruders. The sharp edges of the wire can cause severe cuts in any person attempting to pass through quickly.

Barbed Wire - Barbed wire is a type of fencing wire with sharp edges or points arranged at intervals as an additional deterrent to intruders. These wires are available in length from short, medium, or long-ranging in 10mm to 66mm long.

Wedge Barriers - Wedges provide maximum perimeter entry security and drastically reduces any unauthorized vehicle from gaining entry into a secured location. The unit is completely flush with the roadway surface so no side pillars or above grade assemblies are required. In addition, the hydraulic operating cylinder stays hidden behind a tamper-resistant panel.

Welded Wire Fence

Welded Wire Fence Washington DC

Welded wire fences add protection without the possibility of anyone scaling the fence. These are a cost-effective option for strength, high functionality, and low maintenance for any areas such as public buildings, parks, nature reserves, and buildings such as prisons that require a high level of security. The horizontal and vertical wires are welded together making them impossible to separate which would allow for scaling to try to gain access to the enclosed area or to leave the enclosure. These are available in a variety of color options with the addition of powder coating.

Ornamental Steel Fencing

When you want security and an appealing complement to your surroundings, ornamental steel fencing allows for security with an appealing appearance. These are an affordable selection providing a stable solution for your security and perimeter needs as well as added beauty. These are the perfect option for:

  • Building railings
  • Commercial property fence perimeters
  • Vehicle & pedestrian access entry points
  • Decorative commercial property entrance & exit

Dumpster Enclosures

Keep your property looking professional with dumpster enclosures. Trash and junk can’t be avoided but keeping it from becoming an eyesore can be. Offered in a variety of materials and maintenance levels, our material options include wood, chain link, composite, and vinyl. Our enclosures will help protect your site from unwanted animals and even humans. Your dumpster enclosure can complement your facility and meet the required codes. Our experienced staff will help you choose the enclosure that will best meet your needs and design.

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